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MS ExcelŽ On Steroids

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What we Offer

We offer affordable timely business software solution using MS ExcelŽ and our developed tool xPerTx.



Software Solution Provider

Struggling to manage development cost, deadline requirements creeps in... Give us a call

Tired of investing money on learning new technology ? ...Give us a call


Looking for a Customized Software

To fulfill all your business requirements that does not cost arm and a leg.
Already have several software and want them to talk to each other
You lost trust on software house who is full of promises no action and do not know where to reach out.. please give us call



What we offer

Seeing is believing. After you experience our technology and its power, you can build mind blowing software for your own customer. For further training about the tool consult with the help manual or contact us for our training service.

How you save

n Human resource

No need of for high-end technical skills. Basic knowledge of MS ExcelŽ, Database knowledge and VBA (Visual Basic for Application) is enough to build a completely ready to ship software in 3 to 45 days.

n Time

You can save a lot of development time and you move to a new project.

n Customer Training

76% of the business world are using MS ExcelŽ every day. Your customer does not need to learn anything new.

n Installation and Distribution

xPerTx builds business and programming logic into XML. End user only need to download our tool from Internet and install it on their machine, just email them MS ExcelŽ workbook with a XML script.



What we offer


We work at your premises so no communication gap.

If you are using MS ExcelŽ for your business, half of the work is done.

We only charge hours spent at your premises.

How you save

n Requirement Understanding

Our customer is the Co-creator of the developed software and while doing so, they experience and understand what really is expected from the software and re-engineer their business process.

n Time

By understanding the model, you can distinguish important area to focus on and can reduce the development cost.

n Training

If your customer has any knowledge of MS ExcelŽ, no training required.

Who we are

We are couple of hard working IT professionals who understand various business process, software development and all its traits and pitfalls. In last two decades IT community used many tools and technology to meet customer demand but the gap between expectation, development cost and delivery time getting bigger and bigger. To get away from this loop hole we searched something different and we found the holy grail of technology, it was always around us: It is ubiquitously famous MS ExcelŽ. MS ExcelŽ has almost everything except it is not a database and not a software development tool. So instead of reinventing the wheel, we decided to add some turbo power to MS ExcelŽ. After some blood sweat and tear we developed this tool - xPerTx, we call it MS ExcelŽ on steroids. Now with the combination of our tool and MS ExcelŽ you do not need to look elsewhere.

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